About Us



Cordia is an export, import , consultancy, brokerage and agency services in the fields of Textile, Insulation and Chemicals.

We represent German Polyester Technical Felt Producer Sandler AG and German Technical Textile Producer TTI GmbH.


We meet the needs of our customers in the most economical way with our domestic and foreign representatives.

We have direct product sales and proforma based product groups that are imported directly from abroad.


YARN: Supply and intermediation services for many types of yarn such as Cotton, Polyester, Lycra for fabric manufacturers

TECHNICAL TEXTILE FABRICS AND YARNS: Procurement and direct sales of high temperature resistant woven fabrics (glass fiber, silica, para aramid, basalt, carbon).

FIRE RESITANT GARMENT FABRICS: Firefighters, factories, used in areas such as fire safety, molten metal splashes used in the supply of fabrics used for intermediary service.

TECHNICAL FELTS: Import and sale of polyester and wool felts used in Sound and Heat insulation used in vehicle production, Construction, Office Acoustics

ACOUSTIC FELTS and FOAM: Sales of acoustic foam and acoustic felt panels and wall coverings for the reduction of ringing and buzzing in restaurants, call centers, movie theaters and open offices.

HIGH HEAT INSULATION PRODUCTS: Factory, Boat, Power Plants in areas such as 150-1000 C working in the range of pipes, valves, boilers, furnaces, machinery and equipment that provides thermal insulation of the production and sale of removable insulating jackets.

SPECIAL INSULATION PRODUCTS: Production and sales of heat and fire insulation products such as welding blankets, Fire Curtains, Concrete Heat Protection blankets.

WATER INSULATION AND GROUND REINFORCEMENT MATERIALS :  Geotextiles, geogrids, HDPE Membranes, EPDM Membranes, Geocell, Drainage Plates

CHEMICALS: Special chemicals for high performance industrial oils and greases to reduce machine noise levels and improve performance.

EXPORT: We are working on export of specified products and many products.


Cordia is the founder member of TURINDO India-Turkey Economic & Cultural Council