About Us



Cordia is a Turkish agent company which represent international companies in Turkey and represent Turkish companies in world.

Cordia works only with agreed producer companies on proforma commission based.

Our business is represent the customers, market research, finding potential customers and  contact with them, regular visits, following orders.

We have 20 years experience on textile and construction industry.

Cordia is the representative company of TTI International GmBH for Turkey and middle east countries for technical textile fabrics and products. Cordia suppy all kind of glass fabrics, silica fabrics, ptfe fabrics, preox fabrics, para aramid fabrics, meta aramid fabrics, kermel fabrics, trevira fabrics and sewing yarns  for his customers according to their demand.

Cordia is a sales agent of many companies in Turkey and sell all kind of yarn, sewing yarn, fabric cotton,polyester, viscose, etc .

Cordia also is a marketing  company for acoustic and thermal insulation  . We sell thermal polyester needle felts and acoustic products for industrial and commercial use. You can find more info about our acoustic products and application on our web page .

Cordia is the founder member of TURINDO India-Turkey Economic & Cultural Council