Fire Resistant Wooden Acoustic Panels

Perfofire panels are produced  by coating natural wood veneer on  2A-s1,d0 fire rated fiber plaster panel so that you can provide fire safety and acoustic performance in your spacaes with a single product.

These panels are converted into acoustic panels by perforating and grooving them.



Boards’ interior core definitions   Fire class  EN Europe   Fire class 

DİN  German 

Test Methods  Formaldehyde 


Perfofire A2- s1,dO A2 EN 13501-1
Standard Mdf D-s2, d1 D EN 622-5 El
Mdf Resistant Against Red Flame B – s2 , dO B1 EN 622-5 El
Plywood D – s2 , d1 D EN 636
Standard Particle Board D-s2, d1 D EN 312 El
Particle  Board  Resistant Against Fire B – s2 , dO B2 EN 312 El