Mass Loaded Vinyl Barrier

CORDIA Mass Loaded Vinil Barrier ( VB series )

Produced from recycled rubber, both side is laminated with thin felt which help adhesion on application

Density : app 1500 kg/m3

ESB is a mass loaded vinyl barrier which produced %100 recycable vinyl rubber and minerals

ESB used to add mass to a wall , ceiling , floor or enclosue serving as highly effective soundproofing sollution.

Can be produced without any coating and with one / double side non-wovenfabric film faced for easy adhesion to any surface.

Available in different thicknesses and weights

Thickneses                              Weight

2,0 mm ±0,2mm                     3,2 ±0,3 kg /m²

2,5 mm ±0,3mm                     4,5 ±0,3 kg /m²

3,2 mm ±0,3mm                     6,0 ±0,3 kg /m²

Density                                      app 1600 kg/m³

Width of rolls                          100 cm

Roll length                              10 meter

Fire Class                                 MVSS 302 Self Extinguished