Silica fiber fabrics

Silica textiles are highly resistant to corrosion and deterioration caused by chemicals, have good electrical insulation capabilities and remain flexible and drapable at high temperatures. Besides these excellent qualities, silica textiles are resistant to thermal shock, will resist molten metal splashing, welding splatter and direct flame impact. Silica materials are often used as filters in the production of casting acid, and also as moisture-resistant filling in composite materials that require unimpeded performance at high temperatures.

The melting point of silica textiles is above 1600ºC.


  • Outer cover for pillows in expansion joints

  • Protective covering

  • Furnance curtains

  • Furnance Linings


S300    – 300 gr/m2  –  0,44 mm

S600    – 600 gr/m2  –  1,00 mm

S1200 – 1200 gr/m2  –  1,20 mm