Fire Retardant Chemicals and Paints

Cordia manages consultancy and brokerage services for various paints and coatings that provide fire retardant and thermal insulation in buildings and industrial areas.

Fire-retardant Water-based Solution

Cordia FR Flame Block Nano Solution: Water based transparent flame retardant fabric solution

Specially formulated for effective and safe protection of flames and fumes by spraying or dipping onto absorbent materials (ahpap, cotton, felt, etc.). fire retardant .Water based and transparent. Environmentally friendly. It is not toxic. It can be used in kindergartens, schools, public areas. It can be used on clothes, wooden curtains, furniture, building materials, ornaments. * It is recommended to re-apply the spray after 2x washing.


Fire and heat retardant paints and solutions

Areas of use are all concrete, steel, wood and fabric surfaces. Different products should be used for each region. Thermal insulation paint coatings Cordia FireBlocker Wallpaint: Anti-flammable paint for walls in white


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