Fabric Compensator – Expansion Joints

Cordia expansion joints are highly flexible expansion joints which have become indispensable structural elements in the areas of power generation (coal, oil-fired and nuclear power stations, gas turbine power plants), ore processing (blast furnaces and sinter plants), the cement industry, air conditioning and conveying technology (fans and blowers, in pneumatic and vibrating conveying systems, shipbuilding, apparatus and engine construction and numerous other branches of industry. They compensate thermal expansion on all planes and absorb mechanical and acoustic vibrations.

Our fabric compensators can be used with temperatures ranging from -40 to 1000 deg Celsius. The different versions of our non-metallic duct expansion joints can be used in low temperature zones taking in considerations the different areas that can affect the fabric compensator such as movements in your channel system and also the temperature, gas speed, dust load and pressure which are all things we take in consideration when we design the correct fabric expansion joint for your excact need.

Fabric compensators can be used for extreme environments and aggressive wet areas, handling a temperature range from -72 deg celsius to 300 deg celsius.

The non-metallic duct expansion joints are needed in a wide array of industries, including petrochemical, pulp & paper, power and many other industries. On pre-made steel constructions, the fabric compensators are easy to install quickly and correctly into the channels systems.