Fire, Smoke and Welding Curtains


Fire, Welding, Smoke Curtains and Fabrics

  • Cordia Fire Curtains: These are fire retardant curtains that are hung in front of special door and window areas made of glass fiber fabrics. It reduces the spread rate of fire by separating the spaces.
  • Cordia Smoke Curtains: Glass fiber fabrics and curtains that slow down the distribution of smoke generated during fire
  • Cordia Welding Curtains: Used to prevent fires caused by welding splashes in welded areas
  • Cordia Welding Slag Curtain: Prevents welding slag from damaging the surrounding goods and equipment or ground areas



  • PU coated Glass Fiber Woven Fabrics
  • Silicone coated Glass Fiber Woven Fabric
  • V4A iron metal reinforced PU coated Glass Fiber Woven Fabrics
  • V4A iron metal reinforced Glass Fiber Woven Fabrics

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