Acoustic Glass Wool Panels


Core Material : 95 kg/m3 density acoustic glass wool.

Size : 600 × 600 mm, 600 × 1200 mm, 600 × 1800 mm, 600 × 2400 mm, 600 × 2700 mm,600 × 3000 mm, 1200 × 1200 mm, 1200 × 1800 mm, 1200 × 2400 mm, 1200 × 2700 mm, 1200 x 3000 mm

Thickness : 20-40 mm

Edge Detail : Straight and reinforced.

Acoustic Performance : NRC value 0.95 – 1.00

Yangın Dayanımı : Class A2 s1 d0 acoording to UNE-ON 13501-1:2007


The visible surface and reinforced edges of the high density glasswool plate with glasswashed front and back surface are covered with impact resistant fabric with different color options. Edge bending is 3-5 cm behind the back. It rotates.

The fabric-coated panel used for improving ambient acoustics can be used in all wall and ceiling details. It is applied by sticking to existing surfaces. If the edge joint views are requested, it can be produced with chamfer. In addition to sound absorption, fabric coated panels can be used in the last layer with a decorative look and can be easily applied on concrete or gypsum board surfaces.

Sound acoustic and sound reflections are the most critical in the environment of sound recordings with a high sound absorption coefficient of fabric-coated  CORDIA acoustic panels can be used without thickness. In offices, large-scale offices and open offices with high number of employees, acoustic panels can be preferred on wall and ceiling surfaces in environments with more than one employee at the same time.