Akustikfelt Lineer Baffle Panels


Lineer Baffle Acoustic Polyester ( PET) Felt Suspended Ceiling Systems

Place of Use: Places with a wide usage area such as swimming pools, Sports Halls, Metro stops, shopping mall areas, Hotels, Cinema and Conference Halls, Open Offices, Meeting Areas, Studios, restaurants and entertainment venues.

Purpose of Use: It is to reduce the ringing, hum and reverberations in the environment. It is your decorative and environmentally friendly baffle suspended ceiling option, which is safer, lighter and has acoustic regulation features instead of wood and aluminum panels.

Advantage: Since it can be cut in different forms such as straight and wavy, it adds 3 dimensions to the space and increases the decoration quality.

Colors: Black, White, Anthracite, Light and Dark Grey.

It can be prepared in a single color or mixed color scheme.


  • Lineer Baffle Plain  :Flat cut acoustic baffle polyester/pet felt suspended ceiling systems
  • Lineer Baffle Wavey :  Wave cut acoustic baffle polyester/pet felt suspended ceiling systems



Main Features of Acoustic Polyester/PET Felts

Thickness – Square Meter Weight – Noise Attenuation Value (NRC)

5 Primary Colors

Black, White, Anthracite, Light and Dark Gray

Our Panel Dimensions are 207 cm x 307 cm and can be sized in desired dimensions.

Felt Thickness and weight per square meter

12 mm | ± %10 mm        1000 gr/m2  | ± %10

12 mm | ± %10 mm        2000 gr/m2  | ± %10

25 mm | ± %10 mm        2000 gr/m2  | ± %10

40 mm | ± %10 mm        3000 gr/m2  | ± %10

50 mm | ± %10 mm        2500 gr/m2  | ± %10


Acoustic Values :        lineer_baffle_asma_tavan_akustikfelt

Fire : Bs1-d0

Origin of Felt : Germany

Check NRC tables:          akustikfelt_felt_NRC_datas