Armacomfort Barrier P&B

Armacell’s acoustic comfort solutions bring more quality of life to urban residents and commuters. They improve health and safety in the workplace by reducing noise. Creating quiet zones and noise corridors can reduce the harmful impact of noise exposure – in buildings, industrial environments and vehicles. ArmaComfort noise barriers offer superior acoustic transmission reduction. This new sound attenuation technology allows you to add mass to walls and mechanical equipment without losing space – invisible in constructions or visible on existing partitions. Our flexible EVA/EPM sheets are designed to meet the main requirements for construction, transport and industrial applications.

Special Features

  • superior acoustic transmission reduction
  • Environmentally friendly. 100% recyclable. does not contain hazardous substances
  • Free of lead, bitumen, halogen and phosphate
  • Flexible, easy to cut and install. The pearly white barrier P could  remain visible if desired or could be painted
  • Fire performance up to B-s1,d0
  • Rw (C;Ctr) 4 mm = 32 (-1;-3) dB
  • B-s1,d0  (Barrier B Alu), B-s2,d0 (Barrier P), C-s2,d0 (Barrier B) with self-adhesive for all barriers

Armacell, inventor of flexible foam for the equipment insulation market and leading supplier of technical foam, today presents its new technology for silence: ArmaComfort Barrier, the ideal solution for a significant reduction in sound transmission without loss of space.