Technical Tapes

Cordia® ELASTICTAPE Elastomeric Rubber Foam Tape

Produced from closed cell structured thermal insulation rubber foam. Preventing condensation on flanges, heat dissipation on the joints and tight connections of HVAC systems. Useful for different surfaces, edges, elbows, connections.

Used also to absorb vibration on UC metal profiles for sound absorption.

Available as;    3 mm x 50 mm x 15 m , 3 mm x 75 mm x 15 m , 3 mm x 100 mm x 15 m

Cordia® PVC Tape

Black PVC tapes for joint coverings of rubber or pipes. Available as;    50 mm x 25 m

Cordia®  REINFORCED Aluminum Tape and  FLAT Aluminum Tapes

Used for pipe joints, ventilation ducts and other elements insulated with aluminum coated insulation materials.

Width: 50 mm, 75 mm, 100 mm

Available as;    3 mm x 50 mm x 15 m , 3 mm x 75 mm x 15 m , 3 mm x 100 mm x 15 m


Excellent adhesion as being a Pressure Sensitive of Modified Acrylic Adhesive even to low-energy surfaces,

  • Wide range of service temperature,
  • Available from 60 gr/m 2 up to 230 gr/m 2 adhesive weight,
  • Standart Roll widths are 1000mm and 1500 (net widths),
  • Standard Roll lengths 250mt and 500mt; any other special size can be produced according to demands,
  • Easy Release Liner specialty with Siliconised Havana color Glassin Paper

Cordia® MASKING Tape

  • Available in Rubber and Acrylic based adhesive versions,
  • Available in Low-Medium-High Adhesion types,
  • +60 0 C, +80 0 C, +100 0 C , +130 0 C and +180 0 C temperature resistances.
  • High tensile strength,
  • Easy to unwind,
  • Ideal for use in painting, packaging, bundling, holding, splicing, labeling, color coding,

decorating and identifications.

Color alternatives: Beige, Brown, and Green (for UV resistant grade)

Cordia® BITUMEN tapes

Bituminous self-adhesive waterproofing tape,

  • Available laminations with Aluminium Foil, Copper Foil, Natural or Colored, Reinforced with a Polyester Film,
  • White color Siliconized PE Film Release Liner,
  • Up to +160 0 C Temperature Resistance for 24hrs.,
  • Used for waterproofing, repairing and permanent sealing, vibration and sound damping (e.g. Body applications in Automotive such as side doors, engine room, window side and sun roof, etc.) Other application areas are Prefabricated Structures, Yatches, Building and Air Canals’ joints,etc.

Cordia®  FOAM Tapes
Producing One side adhesive of PU / PE / PVC / EPDM / NBR / SILICONE / EVA Foam Tapes

depends on the required thickness, width and length,

  • Supplying the right composition (i.e. adhesive and foam) with specified application area where the sealing, vibration damping, noise insulation, thermal conductivity, heat resistance are demanded,
  • According to thickness and length; accurately slitting the rolls starting from 4mm width.