Bentonite Geosynthetic Clay Liners




The sealing technology of Cordia Bentonite, effectively combines the unique swelling performance of sodium bentonite granules with two high strength geotextiles. Once Cordia Bentonite is hydrated, it forms an impermeable barrier against liquids, water vapor and gases.

Cordia Bentonite geosynthetic clay liners (GCL’s) are very effective sealing liners for wide variety of environmental projects from landfiils to mining areas, lagoons and canals. Geomas presents the most economical and effective solution for all your specific requirements with factory controlled Cordia Bentonite geosynthetic clay liner range.

Cordia Bentonite meeting all expectations
Cordia Bentonite is the most preferred standard solution in our product range. Minimum 5kg sodium bentonite layer is encapsulated between woven and non woven geotextiles by needlepunching method.

Cordia Bentonite presents remarkably higher hydraulic performance when compared to a meter of conventional compacted clay liner or other waterproofing systems. In addition to superior hydraulic performance, Cordia Bentonite effectively overcomes the technical difficulties confronted during installation in compacted clay applications and provides a cost effective solution.


  • Cordia Bentonite is delivered on site very efficiently. One truckload of Cordia Bentonite can cover 4,000 m2, whereas same truck is able to cover only around 25 m2 compacted clay.
  • Cordia Bentonite occupies little air space with less than 1 cm thickness and provides extra storage capacity when compared to compacted clay liners.
  • Factory controlled quality of Cordia Bentonite ensures the critical performance characteristics and minimizes the expensive and time consuming on-site CQA testing.


  • Environmental stress of freeze-thaw cycles and differential settlements may cause to cracks leading significant leakage problems in CCL applications. But, Cordia Bentonite easily withstands these harsh conditions by means of high tensile strength and its self healing capability to seal cracks and voids.
  • Cordia Bentonite offers minimum 5×10-11 m/sec permeability performance which is significantly better than 1 meter of compacted clay liner offering merely 1×10-9 m/sec


  • Due to the simplicity of Cordia Bentonite deployment technique, specialist labour and equipment is not required for installation.
  • Cordia Bentonite installation is less sensitive to weather conditions. Whereas, the success of CCL application is directly affected from materials, equipment, weather and workmanship.