Increasing Bearing Capacity of Soil

GEOGRID is a geosynthetic produced from raw materials with high  tensile strength such as polyester, polypropylene, etc. and has different  elasticity coefficients.

Extrude Geogrid’s connection points are self-generated and high  tensile strength in connection points creates an advantage agaınst  other grids.

It ensures equal distribution of high pressure coming from top by  undertaking tensile load and using between ground fillings. In this way,  it avoids uneven positioning of filling material and increases bearing  capacity of soil. Particularly by locking the filling material in the size of  gravels by means of its cells, it decreases filling thickness. It has filling  separation feature in applications made with different filling materials.  Because of its high elasticity, it is not cracked under high pressure.

Extrude Geogrid is preferred and widely used in ground improvement,  retaining walls, tensile load resulting from sliding in high filling  productions, and grounds with low CBR.

Once Extrude Geogrid is used with geotextile in a laminated way, it both  increases the resistance of geogrid and has filtration ability.


ŸGround Improvement in Highway and Railway  Fillings

ŸFilling Stabilization in Geowall Projects

ŸImprovement of Soil Fillings

ŸSlope Stabilization

ŸGround Improvement in Fill Dams

ŸGround Improvement in Building Foundations