Geonet & Geonet Composite

Cost Efficient Composite Drainage Material

Grid structure of GEONET is composite drainage material produced  by laminating with  geotextile material. Geonet Composite is  manufactured by using geotextile material on one or both sides  according to the purpose of use.

In order not to lead to clogging by fine grained filling material,  filtration is ensured by applying geotextile to the top or bottom of the  material. Geotextile is laminated to the surface where fine grained  filling material is or to the top in waste landfills where waste is. With  the help of geotextile, it has the ability to filter and separate.

As the friction coefficient increases in drainage systems, composite  material is preferred.

GEONET and GEONET COMPOSITE are flexible and easily applicable  materials that have high chemical resistance. These are more cost  efficient compared to natural drainage materials.


  • Behind Retaining Walls
  • Erosion Control in Slope Surfaces
  • Building Foundations
  • Reservoir Areas of Dams and Ponds
  • Tailing Dams
  • Stream Improvement Projects