Separation, Protection, Drainage and Filtration Material

Geotextile is produced as a result of sewing fibers manufactured from various raw materials and utilized  for separation, protection, drainage and filtration purposes. Since completely non-woven geotextile is  used in construction in standard processing and preferred almost in all projects it is a primary construction  material.

Conscious preliminary preparations ensure efficiency for the relevant use of various geotextile. Cleaning  and pressing procedures that need to be conducted in the field enable functions such as protection or  separation to be completed efficiently.

Polypropylene Geotextile

Resistant to Chemical Waste, High Bearing Capacity

It is a geotextile having the highest resistance to chemical waste and bearing capacity. It is preferred  in solid waste landfill areas, tunnel projects of highways, between the fillings of highway, foundation  waterproofing projects, pond and pool projects and the major reason of this preference is its high  resistance capacity. The material also has protection, separation and filtration features.

Polyester Geotextile

Drainage, separation and filtration of nonchemical water

If geotextile is to be used for drainage, separation and filtration of nonchemical water, polyester geotextile  is preferred. Its filtration ability is used in flood protection project and filling grounds under water with  high flow rate. It can be used to protect drainage pipes and assist drainage. It plays separation role among  ground filling materials of different sizes and avoids mixture of different filling materials. It prevents the  ground to have a deformed structure and ensures a high quality homogenous ground.


  • Geomembrane Protection
  • Railway, Highway, Improvement, Separation,  Filtration
  • Separation, Drainage and Filtration in  Landscape Applications