Polyethylene HDPE Membrane

High Waterproofing Performance in Mega Storage Areas

High density polyethylene geomembrane is named as HDPE,  and low density polyethylene geomembrane is named as LLDPE-  VLDPE according to their area of use. This type of polyethylene  geomembrane, produced by using high density polyethylene  material, is utilized especially in waste landfill sites in the world as a  barrier to prevent gas and liquid leak.

Maximum Waterproofing and Adherence Ability  on Slopes

Polyethylene geomembrane, which is produced in various  thickness measures according to application requirements  of high and medium level sloping lands, might be produced  with a tactile surface to align with the sloping land. In order  to prevent the shearing of the material placed on the surface  in sloping lands, tactile geomembrane is used and adherence  and friction coefficient is increased with the height of the  tactile and number of tactile per m2. Tactile geomembrane is  preferred especially in waste landfills and sanitary landfills.


  • Irrigation Channels and Water Delivery Channels
  • Drainage Basins
  • Solid, medical and hazardous waste landfill areas
  • Ponds, Pools
  • Mine Sites
  • Oil fields, Tanks
  • Building foundations
  • Dams