Sandler Room Acoustic Felts

Cordia is the acoustic counsalting company of Sandler AG for Turkey and region countries. We supply also all kind of products ( wall panels, dijital printed panels, table seperators, baffles, ceiling panels ) produced them.

All Acoustic felts are stiff like MDF or OSB sheets. So it can be cutted in any forms.

All are 207 x 307 cm dimensions so it can be used on walls, ceiling easily.

Acoustic PET Fiber Felts for acoustic applications.

Four standard color and Four standart thickness.

10 mm – 2800 gr/sqm

15 mm – 1000 gr/sqm

25 mm – 4000 gr/sqm

40 mm – 4000 gr/sqm

Acoustic Diagram is as below.

Ürün Toleransları                      : Panel Genişliği ± 2cm
Panel Boyu ± 5cm
Ağırlık ± 10%
Kalınlık ± 10%