Room Acoustic Felts

What is akustikfelt?

Akustikfelt is an environmentally friendly and healthy acoustic products that are made of 100% polyester fiber panels and provide solutions to acoustic problems such as ringing, buzzing and reverberation in spaces.

The origins of the acoustic seal is used in Germany, the manufacturing sector and other accessories are made in Turkey.
Check NRC tables:          akustikfelt_felt_NRC_datas

Where is Polyester Fiber used?

Polyester Fiber is a synthetic product used in many areas including pillows, quilts, coats, automotive. So you can use it safely. Up to 70% of fiber obtained from the recycling of PET bottles is used in our products. All our felt products are 100% recyclable and are environmentally friendly products that do not contain chemicals or adhesives.

Where is Akustikfelt used?

On walls: as a complete wall covering, as decorative geometric wall tiles and printed panels

On ceilings: suspended ceiling choir, vertical baffle ceiling panels, geometric ceiling panels parallel to the floor

On tables: as acoustic separator between single or double work tables

Room Dividers / Separators: to separate working areas for certain sizes of usage areas, between tables, between rooms

In which areas are Akustikfelt products used?

  • Offices
  • Meeting halls
  • Cinema and Theater Halls
  • Call centers
  • Swimming pools
  • gyms
  • Restaurant, Cafe, Entertainment Venues
  • Exhibition halls
  • AVM, Fairgrounds

What are currently used instead of Akustikfelt products? 

We recommend that you make the selection of acoustic panels according to your intended use and ambient conditions. Fabric coated glass wool panels and perforated wood panels are used to provide interior acoustics.

Made of 100% polyester fiber, Akustikfelt products have Bs1-d0 fire reaction class. It does not contain adhesives and chemicals.

5 mm (1250 gr / m2), 12 mm (2000 gr / m2), 25 mm (2000 gr / m2), 25 mm (3000 gr / m2), 40 mm (3000 gr / m2), 40 mm (4000 gr / m2), 50 mm (2500 gram / m2) can be produced in different thicknesses and weights.

Glass wool has A2 fire reaction class. The fabrics used on it are generally polyester-based and the adhesive used for its coating determines the total fire class. It is produced only in 2 cm and 4 cm thickness. It is produced at a density of 95 kg / m3. Standard panel sizes are 60 cm and its multiples.

Perforated Wooden Acoustic panels are produced from 18 mm MDF. 18 mm MDF weighs an average of 14 kg / m2. And in order to provide the same acoustic values, it is used with 5 cm rock wool plates on the back surface.

What is the advantage of acoustic fiber products over other products?

It is the only acoustic product that can respond to the imagination of the designer as it can be cut in any desired shape. Project specific work can be done.

It is much lighter. It is 7 times lighter than wooden panels and 2 times lighter than glass wool, putting less load on the building. Small-scale earthquakes are constantly occurring in our country, especially in ceiling applications, they eliminate the security risk caused by the falling of wooden panels to the ground.

Different color alternatives are available.

It can be cut in desired geometric shapes with or without chamfer.

Brand, name and logo can be embroidered on the panels.

It is not affected by water, moisture and humidity.

It is 100% recyclable.


Our Mission:

As Akustikfelt, we strive to inspire a beautiful world by offering Interior Architects, Architects and Practitioners acoustic solutions designed to be aesthetically beautiful and sustainable.

Akustikfelt is committed to being an important partner of the Design and Architecture community. To demonstrate our commitment to meeting your every design need, our products can be fully customized to fit or transform your aesthetic.

Contact us to learn more about our special capabilities and how we can support you in the process.

Check NRC tables:          akustikfelt_felt_NRC_datas