The main structure of the medical mask can be divided into a spun-bonded layer, a melt-blown layer and a spun-bonded layer. The melt blown non woven fabric is the core material of the mask, which can filter bacteria and prevent the spread of germs.

Beston has 10 excellent meltblown nonwoven fabric production lines, which can produce 20 tons of melt blown nonwoven that meets the quality standards of various countries every day. Whether you need PFE series meltblown nonwoven fabric, or you need melt blown cloth that meets EU standard FFP seriescontact Cordia, we will provide you with high-quality meltblown nonwoven fabric at the most favorable factory price.

Our melt blown fabric has gone through rigorous testing and has passed all required certifications for application on masks for blocking at least 95% of particles. And the factory checks the quality of meltblown nonwoven fabric every day, including size and specification, filtering effect, etc. to ensure the quality of each batch of products before it can be transported to the warehouse and be responsible for each customer.